Lynx is a Western Martial Arts Study Group based in Victoria, BC, Canada. We study the arts originally taught by Fiore di Liberi in the late 14th and early 15th centuries.

Four Fiore manuscripts survive: the Getty, Morgan, Florius, and the Pisani-Dossi.  Each manuscript has a different organization, but they all show a unified martial art. With both text and illustrations, they teach wrestling, dagger, sword in both one and two hands, poleaxe, spear, and equestrian combat.

We concentrate on longsword and dagger, using the Getty MS as our primary source. Classes are  Wednesdays (5-6:30pm), at the 1st Douglas Scout Group Hall,  3266 Glasgow Ave. (not Glasgow St.) . Feel free to drop by to attend a class, but let us know if you're coming, so we can bring extra weapons. No previous martial arts experience is necessary, and the first class is free. No special equipment is needed to start.



For more information, email us.


Mark Shier is the lead instructor. He is a veteran of SCA combat, and has studied a number of eastern martial arts. In WMA, he has taken classes taught by Guy Windsor, Sean Hayes,  Bob Charrette,  Christian Tobler, Rob Lovett, and Greg Mele. He has attended numerous sessions of  the Western Martial Arts Workshop in Racine, WI and its Fiore only counterpart..